Used Cloth

We import and distribute only A-quality new and used cloth from Europe and the USA. In our stock you can find new cloth from shops as well as very little used as in new condition. All cloth are sorted and packed in bales normally with a weight of 55 Kg. Cloth are sorted as to the following:


Used Clothing Import List
  • Adult Traning Wears
  • Men’s Color/Casual Shirts
  • Men’s Color/Casual Shirts
  • Men’s T-Shirts
  • Men’s Polo Shirts
  • Men’s Cotton Short Pants (Zip/Belt)A
  • Men’s Short Pants (Elastic)B
  • Men’s Boxers and Swim Trunks
  • Men’s Combat Pants (Long/Short Mix)
  • Men’s Tropical Long Pants
  • Men’s underwear
  • Men’s pajamas
  • Men’s jeans
  • Mixed Jogging Pants
  • Lady’s Cotton Dresses
  • Lady’s Cotton Blouses
  • Lady’s Tanktops, Sleeveless & T-shirts (Mix)
  • Lady’s 3/4 Pants
  • Lady’s Jeans Skirts
  • Lady’s jeans
  • Children’s Short Pants
  • Children’s Summer Wear
  • Children’s Spring Wear
  • Children’s Jeans / Cotton Pants (Long)
  • Slips
  • Sports Uniforms (Jersey)
  • Pajamas and night gowns
  • Bedsheets, pillow cases, bedspreads
  • Socks, Caps, scarves
  • Paired shoes and Sneakers
  • Handbags, purses and backpacks
  • Stuffed toys
  • All winter clothing

And many more categories (approximately 180 standard categories). We will sort to your specifications and categories if requested.

Shoes and Other items

We separate our shoes in pairs with rubber bands in order to keep them together. A total of 50 shoes in a sack. We also have handbags, household rummage, and stuffed toys. Contact us for prices of these items.