West African Consulting (WAC) is an affiliate to West African Trading. The object for West African Consulting is to help foreign companies to establish a base in the West African market for its business and products. Our European team have joint experience of more than 25 years of doing business in West Africa. “There is no mistake we seen other do or made ourselves”. Our knowledge base in business law, economy and finance will be the bases for your successful establishment in the biggest potential market left on our planet, Africa.
We will:

  • Help you through the red tape jungle
    Every country has its own set of rules and regulations. We have the experience, know-how and contacts to help you cut the red-tape so you can concentrate on doing what you are good on, you business.
  • Help you to establish your legal presence
    Starting a business in a developing country is not different or more difficult from starting a business in any country in the world. No matter where in the world – you will always need access to correct local knowledge. With our more the 25 years of experience in West Africa we offer ourselves to be your partner through this process.
  • Put you in contact with the right person in authority for your project
    All our years in West Africa has brought us a unique network of contacts amongst business people as well as government. No matter where in the world you conduct your business you will need a network of people to do it, we can help you build this network
  • Help you to find living accommodation, office premises and warehousing
    After more than20 years in the European property market we are now taking our knowledge to the West African market. We will help you not only finding living accommodations for you and your staff but can we find you your business premises no matter it is an office, warehouse or land to build your factory.
  • Make an analyses of your business idea in relation the West African market
    No one knows your business better than you. We on the other hand have the local knowledge to help you adopt your business to the local market and possibilities. Our market has its specific set of rules that in some cases are a bit different to the rules in other parts of the world.
  • And whatever more you need to get your business up and running.
    Whatever more you need we will commit ourselves to solve your problem. If we can’t do it – we know who can. And we will put you in contact so the problem will be a no problem.