Private Property

No matter you are coming to Togo for a shot stay of a couple of month, for a long term project of year(s) or moving here with or without your business – You need somewhere to relax, eat, sleep and meet your friends, in short – A Home. Hotels are fine for short stays but when it comes to several months you really need something more than just a small room.

This is where we come in the picture. After more than 10 years in Lomé and more than 25 years in the property sector in Europe we have some knowledge of what goes and doesn’t when it comes to having a home away from home or your new Africa home.

  • We will help you to rent or buy:Short term rental flats, comfortable and fully furnished in the city center.
  • Long term unfurnished apartments where you create your own environment for maximum comfort and pleasure in the best areas.
  • Villas, to buy or rent, small or big, with or without pool, with or without furniture for short or long term contract. All of course only in the best areas as to your requirements.

We will of course as well assist you through the process of all legalities in the buying process as well as making of the rental contract to safe guard your rights and obligations.