About us

West African Trading (WAT) is part of a group of companies with its base in Lomé, TOGO. Other companies in the group are West African Consulting (WAC), West African Jatropha Farming (WAJF) and West African Man Power (WAMP).


West African Trading (WAT) is a trading house with collaborating partners in 6 West African Countries.

We export

  • African Hard Wood, such as Tali and Teak logs as well as many other African hard wood types from Togo and Ghana
  • Cashew nuts from Togo, Benin and Ghana
  • Scrap metals such as copper and aluminium

We import

  • Lubricant and hydraulic oil products for cars, trucks and the industry;
  • Food products such as cooking oil, sugar, milk products;
  • Chemicals and raw materials
  • Used clothing


West African Consulting (WAC) is a consulting company with the aim to help foreign companies to establish a base in the West African market for its business and products. Our European team have joint experience of more than 35 years of doing business in West Africa. “There is no mistake we seen other do or made ourselves”. Our knowledge base in business law, economy and finance will be the bases for your successfull establishment in the biggest potential market left on our planet, Africa. We will:

  • Help you through the red tape jungle
  • Help you to establish your legal presence
  • Put you in contact with the right person in authority for your project
  • Help you to find living accommodation, office premises and warehousing
  • Make an analyses of your business idea in relation the West African market
  • And whatever more you need to get your business up and running.


West African Jatropha Farming (WAJF) has started a small scale project in Togo to cultivate the Jatropha plant with the aim to create industrial scale farms and small scale farms in close collaboration with the local farmers to produce Jatropha oil as a base for 100% renewable BioDiesel. So far the project has concentrated its effort to evaluate and find the, for the local conditions, best seeds. Jatropha seeds giving the most durable plants as well as plants producing the best yield in form of oil rich seeds in big quantities per hectare.

Jatropha is a non-food crop that grows in areas and soil not usable for any food producing crops.

  • Among all different crops that can be used for oil production Jatropha has the highest yield per hectare farmland.
  • Jatropha is ideal for many parts of West Africa and Togo. Land where food crops can’t grow and the unemployment rate is high.
  • Jatropha is a proven concept with existing well-developed machinery to extract the oil and refine it into BioDiesel.
  • Jatropha farming helps turning non green areas into flourishing countryside.
  • Jatropha farming will employ thousands of farmers in areas of massive joblessness, bring schools, hospitals, roads, electricity, water and prosperity to some of the most undeveloped areas in Africa.

We have created a project for one 2.000 and one 5.000 hectare Jatropha farm. These farms will be a first step to, during a 5 to 7 year period, create plantations covering up to 50.000 hectare. When reaching this point Togo will not only be self supporting for all the country’s need of BioDiesel but will Togo as well be able to export BioDiesel.


West African Man Power (WAMP) is active in the field of staffing the Togolese industry helping companies in various businesses to fill gaps when temporary staff is needed. Our employment services;

  • Allow you to source the numbers you need
  • Find the skills you are looking for
  • Provide you with the flexibility to scale up and down quickly and cost-effectively in response to changes in your company.

We offer a complete range of services for the entire employment and business cycle.